My favourite amigurumis

Hey there!

This post will be dedicated to my favourite amigurumis, that I’ve made so far.

In my opinion this is like asking to pick your favourite child. What I’m trying to say with that is that it’s difficult to pick my favourites. I love all of the amigurumis I’ve made. The ones that made it to this list are the ones that I had most fun making.

The Gabu’s
I love the look of these little guys. The pattern is by Roxycraft and it’s really easy and fun! I also made an alien-like Gabu and it’s probably my favourite one.


Guinea Pigs
These guinea pigs are absolutely adorable! I made two of these, they turned out almost identical 🙂 The pattern that I used is by Kati Galusz.


Binky (the bubbly monster)
The main reason why I love this amigurumi is his cute face and body. He was also lots of fun to make! White was a good colour for him. The pattern i used is by Crafty Hanako. (Due to bad weather I haven’t been able yet to take some nice outside pictures of Binky)

Onto the last two favourites! it was difficult to pick these five amigurumis.

Pikachu & Pokéball
This was probably my most difficult amigurumi that I’ve made so far. It took me a day or two to get the Pokéball right and to get the measurements right so that Pikachu would fit in there. I used Ami Amour her pattern for this Pikachu 🙂

Who doesn’t love Narwhals? I just love the look of these little guys and I can see myself make an ocean full of these. I followed a crochet along video for these Narwhals by Jayda InStitches

And that was it for this blog post 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite amigurumis. In the future I might do a part two of these since I have a lot more to show you!

Until next time,

xox Diana


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